Help! Chapter Length?

Hello readers!

And that is the capacity in which I shall address you for this post. Readers. Adventurers of the mind. Travelers of time and space. Guests in realms alien and yet oh so familiar. Judges, indeed, of those who would dare to share their stories with you.

Be gentle. 😉

I have consistently restricted my chapters to a length of about eleven hand written pages, which usually produces chapters of about seven to nine typed pages. The reason for this is because that is how many pages I can read in one sitting without falling asleep or experiencing a mind wander to other things. Generally this also coincides with how long I can devote my attention to one particular scene. Like in play writing, the best time to shift chapters is when you’re transitioning between scenes. But this isn’t true for all writers!

Let’s be real, I’m sure this also is attributed to the fact that my parents read to me as a child, and those were all chapter books (or “chap books” for you hip kids) and we got one chapter per night. So, there was some training involved early on. (Cheers ma! 😀 )

For instance, there are some authors who don’t break for chapters once. Not Once. They run them down every time with complete disregard for the reader’s safety! They don’t even check their blind spots first! (Hah, puns.)

So, my question is, since there really isn’t a formula for this: what do you prefer as a reader? Do you like frequent chapter breaks? Or do you not care because you prefer to set your own timer and stop whenever the heck you feel like stopping? Or do you never want to see another darn chapter heading in your life because it reminds you of the trauma of doing book reports?

Inquiring minds want – nay, NEED – to know! Because I think I might end this particular chapter after only two pages, and I need to know if you will all be mad at me or not.

Here’s a picture from today’s writing session. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Help! Chapter Length?

  1. That two page chapter is just fine. Shaking things up once in awhile is okay.
    I’m sorry you only got one chapter a night. (I confess, I read ahead after I left the room. I always wanted to know what was going to happen next.)


  2. I always close my book/Kindle on the end of a chapter, never mid chapter, I would like a short chapter placed periodically, like you, when bedtime reading, I may be getting sleepy, but go ahead and start a new chapter, I’ve even thumbed through to see how much until I can close and let the eyes close. Two pages huh? Wellll. Four maybe, typed of course. My two cents, either way, I’ll never close and bookmark mid chapter.


    1. Thanks! Trust me, once you’ve hit this chapter you’ll keep on flipping for more. Have you read Hollow Thunder yet, or The Loyalty of Dew, Penny?


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