Outlook for 2019

Well! A year later and I find my way back here. I apologize to you, dear readers, for the extended absence. Work, life, projects, and etc all got in the way as they are prone to do. So let me update you on what’s been happening!


In 2018 I completed the manuscript for Civil Dusk, a novella focusing on a unique retelling of Orkney mythologies via magical self-discovery. It’s a fantastic romp through exotic worlds with witches and selkies, finfolk and giants, a Nuggle and some gods. Right now it is in the query submission stage with several agencies, but if none of those targeted agents work out I will be handing it to the extremely trusted and wonderful hands of the folks at HCS Publishing. ( http://chalagi1.wixsite.com/hcspub ) Stay tuned! I expect to have a solid update on Civil Dusk in April.


Also in 2018 I began two projects that are completely outside my normal scope of genres: an historical romance set in the world of “Hollow Thunder” and “The Loyalty of Dew”, and a nonfiction guidebook to tea-growing and my experiences in general gardening. Both of these are starting strong with my usual cheeky attitude, and I’m quite excited about where they will go.

This month I will return to Marscon with the HCS Publishing vending table, and during the event we will have a book release party featuring a novel I edited (“Unbalanced Scales”) and a short story anthology which includes my very own story “Song of the Steer.” (Anthology is called “Shadows and Mist”: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07KVPHRQ5 ) If you’re in Virginia two weekends from now, check out Marscon in Williamsburg!