Short Story Focus: Sentinel 982

Ahoy, dear readers! I thought today I’d share with you a short story of mine which is featured in the HCS Publishing anthology Steam and Steel: Thirteen Riveting Tales. It’s an anthology of purely Steampunk goodness, and I am honored to admit that it contains my only (AND THUS BEST!) bit of official “Steampunk” writing. (True as of April 25, 2019, time of this posting, etc….just in case I ever write more Steampunkiness.) The story itself, “Sentinel 982”, is really a romance. It’s my first published bit of romantic writing.


I call it a romance because it focuses on the interpersonal development between the two main characters. It focuses on the relationship between a derelict old Sentinel and a young orphaned girl. And it shows how her love saves him from becoming a ghost, a relic of times past. It is the story of how a girl saves an automaton. It ain’t no Victorian-era bodice-ripper, y’all. THERE’S A STRONG FEMALE LEAD.

Anyway. Judge for yourselves. I re-read it last week and I still get thrills. I’d love to know what you think in the comments – or in the reviews of the anthology on AMAZON, because YOU SHOULD BUY IT, because there are MORE AMAZING STORIES within its pages! And tell me if you buy it, because I’ll send you my address, and we’ll ship it around a bit, and I’ll sign it somewhere along the way! Pinkie promise!

Click here to read Sentinel 982. 

(Sentinel 982 (c) Nicole R. Ordway. Obviously.)

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