Civil Dusk 2: The Sequeling

I fully intended to start drafting Civil Dusk 2 (name TBD) during NaNoWriMo.

And then today I realized it’s already November 16, and I’m still just in the plotting and planning stage where I brainstorm scenes onto paper that will (probably) end up being part of the book.

I still don’t have a title decided. “Nahtwaren” was a potential but it’s a real mouthful. Plus I want to somehow indicate that this is part of a continuing series.

Is it too late to designate Civil Dusk as Book 1 of “Series Name Here”? Should I name the series? Or should I be like Sir Terry Pratchett and just make you figure out what frickin order to read things in? I ended that sentence with a preposition intentionally.

#howiwrite #ornotIguess

So, dear readers: do you start a project with a title in mind, or do you add it somewhere in between?

Do you like book series that clearly label the order of the books, or do you prefer books that are stand-alone stories while also can be read in a series because of related content or continuing characters?

Please help in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Civil Dusk 2: The Sequeling

  1. Hahaaaaa!! Y’all. Have a question, or some little thing worrying away at your mind? Call your mum!

    Mine happened to see my Facebook post about needing a title for Civil Dusk 2. And she reached out via text messages to brainstorm….together we came up with “First Watch,” which is the watch time from 8PM to Midnight and thus correlates with the major plot focus of Civil Dusk 2 – sorry, First Watch – on several accounts.

    Cheers, ma. You rock!!


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