Marscon 2020

Great Crikey’s Ghost, how could I have been so remiss!

This weekend (Jan 17-19) is Marscon in Williamsburg, VA! HCS Publishing will have a table there with SO MANY BOOKS to sell and SO MANY OF THE AUTHORS to sign them! It’s exciting! It’s thrilling! It’s the only convention I can reasonably help out with because the others are too much of an expense for me personally!

What I mean to say is: there aren’t enough exclamation marks in the WORLD to express how much you should take this last-minute news and freaking come see me at Marscon 2020! This weekend! January 17-19! In WILLIAMSBURG, VIRGINIA!


Inci-fucking-dentally, SCOTT LYNCH is the Writer GOH this year! Yeah, THE Scott Lynch! It’s like our little local convention is stepping into the big kids pool. So freaking proud.

Several of our HCS Publishing framily (that is NOT a typo, thansk WordPress. Crap, that one was. *Thanks WordPress) will be featured in panels! Talking about stuff! AND THINGS! And then we’ve got Valentine Wolfe doing performances! If you haven’t heard Goth chamber music, you’ve been under a fucking rock because – I mean, it’s very unique and amazing and you should hear this shit. Because it’s incredible. AND we’ve got our toes in the costume contest with one of our members judging the entries! GET THEE TO MARSCON!

ALSO HCS Publishing will be officially launching our latest short story anthology, which was filled via a competition that I got ELIMINATED from, so you know we ain’t no joke about judging! “Dark and Stormy” authors will be there, most of them for their FIRST EVER convention, and if you don’t come knowing this then you’re a freaking MONSTER.

Yeah. Let that marinate. I’ll see you this freaking weekend in Williamsburg at MARSCON 2020.

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