Camellia Effing Sinensis Jr UPDATE!

Okay, I know, it’s been a while. So long, in fact, that WordPress has apparently changed how they do post editing. It was pretty quick to pick up, but man, was this unnecessary.

Anyway, as my previous post indicated most of my daily updates are occurring on my Instagram account now. I wish WordPress had an easy way to update from a phone app or such….and maybe they do. Guess I have to look into that. Any recommendations would be helpful. BUT if you want to catch up on my tree stuff, plant stuff, writing stuff, dog stuff, and general THINGS, check out and Follow me on Instagram:

I’m writing a post today because I KNOW there are some of you that follow this blog that maybe didn’t do that with the Instagram but are invested AT THIS POINT in the fate of CES Jr (Camellia effing sinensis Jr, AKA my damn tea plant.)

I’ve generally left it alone all year. This fall when it goes dormant I will repot it, because it’s roots are super exposed and make me feel bad as a plant parent, but honestly it doesn’t seem to give any fucks about that. Here are two pictures I took today: LOOK AT ALL THE BUDS!!!

Seriously, WOW! I had no idea she was doing this well and was this happy. No clue what’s up with that one wonky lateral branch, but LOOK AT ALL THE BUDS!