Anniversary Japanese Maple update

You may or may not recall (because I may or may not have blogged about this, I don’t remember) but my partner gave me a peedie Japanese maple seedling when we first got serious about dating roughly 7 years ago. Well, I decided right then that I wanted to raise it to bonsai because then I could always bring it with us wherever we moved (which is turning out to be a great call, thanks growing-up-as-an-Army-brat.) This past winter I decided it was big enough to start training. In preparation, I had repotted it down a pot size and cleaned and trimmed the roots.

This past winter, I topped it.

And you know I crossed my fingers hard and checked on it every day.

Guess what: it’s surviving!

And more than that, it’s thriving! It has so many baby leaves opening up and a glorious amount of leaf buds growing on the main trunk. I suppose my next step is finding the pot that I want to keep it in. Then, this coming winter, I’ll repot it and trim the roots some more.

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