Book Review: Bringing Nature Home, by Douglas W. Tallamy

Are you a person that likes wild things? Things like flowers and songbirds? Things with sweet scents and sweet tastes? How about the burning orange of a maple tree in autumn and the brilliant beryl of new leafy growth in spring?

If you said yes, great! If you said no, then honestly what the actual fuck is wrong with you. I bet you know somebody that would say yes. Pretend it’s you.

Well the best way to help the wild things survive in our fast-changing world is to plant native species in your yard, garden, balcony container, window pot, whatever, ANYWHERE. In Douglas Tallamy’s book “Bringing Nature Home” he lays out why we should plant native species, who can plant them (spoiler: it’s everyone, including you), where to plant them, and what to plant in your area. I learned so many fascinating things about insects from this book that I now want to experience in real time. This book has truly opened my eyes to the necessity of restoring native species to our individual lots. Tallamy presents his information in an easy-to-read guide to this process, making what otherwise seems like a doomed or insurmountable task completely approachable. Read this book. You will not regret it. All you’ll regret is that you didn’t read it sooner.

I got my copy from Amazon and you can do that too by clicking this link.

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