You’ve found the blog of Nicole R Ordway, alternative history author whose surname is NOT misspelled, thanks wordcheck. She’s the one on the right in the featured picture. The mutt on the left is Riley, also called Beagle, also called Nugget, also called Rat King Dainty Paws.

Nicole worked as a costumed historical interpreter at Colonial Williamsburg, and fell in love there with the 18th Century. Her debut novel, Hollow Thunder, and its sequel, The Loyalty of Dew, both feature elements, people, places, and events inspired by historical truths of 18th Century Williamsburg, Norfolk, Yorktown, and Winchester. Her novels also contain fantasy elements such as werewolves and psychics, accurate to 18th Century interpretations of local folklore and legends.

Nicole’s first published novella, Civil Dusk, is set in the Orkney Islands, Scotland. It features the unique folklore and locations of this northern island chain and is the first in a continuing series.

When writing, she particularly enjoys creating twists and ending chapters on them just to make her readers keep turning pages. Even when re-reading her own works, she is constantly caught up in the whirlwind of action and has a hard time putting her own stories down. That’s a good thing, right?

Nicole was born and raised an Army brat and currently resides in Virginia Beach, VA.

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