Williamsburg Book Festival 2022 Appearance!

Come see me at the Williamsburg Book Festival in Williamsburg, VA on October 1! I’ll have an outdoor booth and, depending on the weather forecast, maybe a DOG WITH ME!!! Come see a dog! If I can have a dog with me, weather permitting, it will likely be Aggie The Fierce Rottweiler, the cover dog of First Watch! Maybe she’ll even paw-tograph your copy of First Watch that you buy at the Williamsburg Book Festival!?!!

No promises. Many possibilities. You’ll have to attend to find out!


Spring 2022 Author Appearances!

Come see me and purchase my books and/or get them signed this Spring season at the following events:

Marscon 2022. Williamsburg, VA. March 18-20

I’ll be there on the Saturday, March 19, only! Be sure to come by the HCS Publishing booth to get a copy of my books or a copy of the other AMAZING books released by our publishing house. CLICK HERE for more info on the event!

Bacon’s Castle Village Faire. Surry, VA. April 30

The TAPS ghost hunters did an investigation here! If nothing else, come visit the Castle and learn about its history. It’s a really cool place where I’ve done several photo shoots for my dog, Riley. I’ll be at this event in 18th century garb (as befitting the Castle’s history and my books “Hollow Thunder” and “The Loyalty of Dew”) selling and signing all 4 of my books. My father will also be here selling his handmade wooden boxes! (Listed as Lagerstein’s Lumber.) CLICK HERE for more info on the event!

Manassas Viking Festival. Manassas, VA. May 14

IT’S BACK!!!! Come celebrate the TRIUMPHANT return of the Manassas Viking festival! I’ll be there in Viking-era garb (appropriate for CERTAIN EVENTS in my novella “First Watch”) selling and signing my books, and my father will also be there selling his handmade wooden boxes! It’s like I drag him along or something. CLICK HERE for more info on the event!


When I’m writing, I commonly leave myself brackets around words that I either need to go back in the typed document to fact check, or that I need to find a synonym for. In the pictured case below, it’s a fact check. I hand write my drafts and my first line of editing is when I type my written sections up, usually a chapter at a time. Do you do this? If not, it might help! For me, it gives me permission to keep writing and not stall my progress with a word check.

Civil Dusk 2: The Sequeling

I fully intended to start drafting Civil Dusk 2 (name TBD) during NaNoWriMo.

And then today I realized it’s already November 16, and I’m still just in the plotting and planning stage where I brainstorm scenes onto paper that will (probably) end up being part of the book.

I still don’t have a title decided. “Nahtwaren” was a potential but it’s a real mouthful. Plus I want to somehow indicate that this is part of a continuing series.

Is it too late to designate Civil Dusk as Book 1 of “Series Name Here”? Should I name the series? Or should I be like Sir Terry Pratchett and just make you figure out what frickin order to read things in? I ended that sentence with a preposition intentionally.

#howiwrite #ornotIguess

So, dear readers: do you start a project with a title in mind, or do you add it somewhere in between?

Do you like book series that clearly label the order of the books, or do you prefer books that are stand-alone stories while also can be read in a series because of related content or continuing characters?

Please help in the comments!

Civil Dusk is Published!

Woohoo! My newest book, Civil Dusk, is officially published! Help an author out by ordering your copy ASAP! If you like selkies, wizards, witches, giants, Norse mythology, Celtic mythology, epic settings, or Scotland (esp. the Orkney Islands) you want to give this story a look.

It’s available through Amazon.com at the following links:

Paperback: Order the real deal!

Kindle: Order the digital version! 

Short Story Focus: Sentinel 982

Ahoy, dear readers! I thought today I’d share with you a short story of mine which is featured in the HCS Publishing anthology Steam and Steel: Thirteen Riveting Tales. It’s an anthology of purely Steampunk goodness, and I am honored to admit that it contains my only (AND THUS BEST!) bit of official “Steampunk” writing. (True as of April 25, 2019, time of this posting, etc….just in case I ever write more Steampunkiness.) The story itself, “Sentinel 982”, is really a romance. It’s my first published bit of romantic writing.


I call it a romance because it focuses on the interpersonal development between the two main characters. It focuses on the relationship between a derelict old Sentinel and a young orphaned girl. And it shows how her love saves him from becoming a ghost, a relic of times past. It is the story of how a girl saves an automaton. It ain’t no Victorian-era bodice-ripper, y’all. THERE’S A STRONG FEMALE LEAD.

Anyway. Judge for yourselves. I re-read it last week and I still get thrills. I’d love to know what you think in the comments – or in the reviews of the anthology on AMAZON, because YOU SHOULD BUY IT, because there are MORE AMAZING STORIES within its pages! And tell me if you buy it, because I’ll send you my address, and we’ll ship it around a bit, and I’ll sign it somewhere along the way! Pinkie promise!

Click here to read Sentinel 982. 

(Sentinel 982 (c) Nicole R. Ordway. Obviously.)

Civil Dusk Excerpt – Chapter One

In the midst of my search for literary agents, I ran across a statement on Scott Lynch’s FAQ page. He mentions that he was contacted by his present editor because that editor was impressed by an excerpt of “The Lies of Locke Lamora,” posted on Scott’s very own blog.

So I thought to myself: I have a blog.

I should probably post an excerpt of “Civil Dusk,” so you, my lovely readers, can have an idea of the goodies in store!

Therefore, please click to enjoy the first chapter of my upcoming novella “Civil Dusk.” If you love it, please comment below! If you hate it, please comment below! Help me by proving I’m not just screaming into a void here. And if you’re an agent or editor wandering by….please comment below!