Williamsburg Book Festival 2022 Appearance!

Come see me at the Williamsburg Book Festival in Williamsburg, VA on October 1! I’ll have an outdoor booth and, depending on the weather forecast, maybe a DOG WITH ME!!! Come see a dog! If I can have a dog with me, weather permitting, it will likely be Aggie The Fierce Rottweiler, the cover dog of First Watch! Maybe she’ll even paw-tograph your copy of First Watch that you buy at the Williamsburg Book Festival!?!!

No promises. Many possibilities. You’ll have to attend to find out!


First Watch update!

I am officially past the halfway marker in writing First Watch… I’ve got 21k words typed! My goal is around 40k like the first book in its series, Civil Dusk. Appropriately, the plot is coming to the big climax and I just drafted the big reveal. I’m so excited! Publishing goal for First Watch is Spring 2021.

Civil Dusk Excerpt – Chapter One

In the midst of my search for literary agents, I ran across a statement on Scott Lynch’s FAQ page. He mentions that he was contacted by his present editor because that editor was impressed by an excerpt of “The Lies of Locke Lamora,” posted on Scott’s very own blog.

So I thought to myself: I have a blog.

I should probably post an excerpt of “Civil Dusk,” so you, my lovely readers, can have an idea of the goodies in store!

Therefore, please click to enjoy the first chapter of my upcoming novella “Civil Dusk.” If you love it, please comment below! If you hate it, please comment below! Help me by proving I’m not just screaming into a void here. And if you’re an agent or editor wandering by….please comment below!