Re: Impetus

Or rather, “regarding the things which inspire me to write, or stimulate the flow of ideas.”


What gets your ideas flowing? Is it music, television, rain, an abundance of sunshine, a particular book, a comic strip, or what? Tell me in the comments! Links are the best if you’ve got ’em.


For me, usually it’s my “Ethereal” Pandora station, which is loading with floaty, epic stuff ranging from Within Temptation to Enya. But TODAY – today my dear readers, it’s a blog.


I don’t usually read other blogs. I’m sorry for that, and I know it probably detracts from my own blog’s blogginess, but it’s a choice. Really, it’s a laziness. So it was a surprise to myself first of all that I found a blog today and read through every single post in its archives. I found it because I was searching for what the fuck to do with this sweet potato I’ve got that’s started sprouting slips on my counter.


Apparently, either toss it tits-up in a jar of water suspended with picks through its abdomen; or half-plant it in a tin. Better results on the latter. I’m gonna have to get a tin after work.


Anyway, the blog is The Art of Doing Stuff. You should ABSOLUTELY go check it out and read every single word on her multitudinous pages. I highly recommend it. Actually, if you want an idea of the VOICE in my upcoming Gardening Adventures book, you should DEFINITELY check out this blog; because, spoilers, she has a very similar VOICE.

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